Treehouse vs Udemy – The Complete Comparison

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If you’re looking to learn how to code online, then you have some great options when it comes to online learning sites.

Treehouse and Udemy are two of the most recommended e-learning platforms to learn coding, but which one is better?

Udemy is known for its wide selection of courses while Treehouse has a lot to offer if you’re a beginner and you need a good head start in your career.

But it might be baffling to choose between Treehouse’s monthly subscription model and Udemy’s per-course pricing model, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for from a course.

Don’t know which one to pick? This is what we’ve learnt after trying both platforms out for a few hours.

Which is Better: Udemy vs Treehouse

Both Udemy and Treehouse offer great in-depth courses, but there are some differences between the two that might affect your choice.

We recommend Treehouse if you’re a beginner and you’re prepared to set aside a few hours every month to complete the courses inside. It’s a user-friendly platform that offers courses on different topics, and it can get you started on your career as a coding expert or programmer.

However, Udemy is better when it comes to specific courses.

If you’re only looking to learn about a specific topic or field, then Udemy has more to offer and it’s cheaper. You only need to buy a single course that you want, and the courses offered on Udemy are much more in-depth than they are on Treehouse.

Udemy Treehouse
Pricing $29.99 – $199.99 per course $25/$49 per month
Best For Beginner and advanced learners Beginners
Features Video-based content, downloadable resources, ease of use, affordable Video-based content, workshops, community forum, quality instructors, easy to use
  • Cheap
  • More courses on offer
  • Free courses available
  • Courses on almost any topic
  • Unlimited access to bought courses
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Practical learning
  • Quizzes and assessments included
  • Helpful community
  • Easy to use
  • Some courses are not the best
  • Video-only content
  • Certificates for paid courses only
  • No offline learning
  • Not for advanced learners
  • Not as in-depth as Udemy
  • Monthly pricing
  • Limited selection of courses
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Udemy: Overview

udemy overview

Udemy is the world’s biggest online learning platform. It has more than 100,000 courses on almost every conceivable topic in the world, and the number is only going up.

Everyone can teach on Udemy, which means that the quality of some courses will be questionable. However, the majority of the courses that are certified and have a lot of users are exceptional.

Here’s what you can expect from Udemy

What is Udemy?

Established in 2009, Udemy is the world’s largest online learning marketplace. You’ll find more than 100,000 courses on Udemy on a wide variety of topics.

The purpose of the platform is to be the most accessible and also the most popular site for online courses in the world. Its business model is different from anything else you’ll see online.

Anyone can become a teacher on Udemy, although there are some requirements to become that, which are not that strict. The business model has struck gold, as the platform has more than 40 million active users and growing, hundreds of thousands of courses, millions of hours of content, and more.

Udemy is known for its in-depth courses, despite having some courses that do not reach the standard of the best courses.

Courses on Udemy

Most courses on Udemy are video-based, although Udemy also allows them to include other types of content, like worksheets, PDF documents, downloadable content, and more.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of courses on Udemy. The beauty of this platform is that there are courses on almost every topic, which simply blows away Treehouse’s offering for the courses they offer, where you’ll only find programming and tech courses.

These are the main categories of courses on Udemy:

Categories on Udemy

Note that these categories are broad and you can always search more specifically by clicking on each category, or by searching in the search bar.

To make this Treehouse vs Udemy comparison as fair as possible, we have tried an HTML & CSS class on both platforms just to see which one is better in terms of content. And on Udemy, we have to say that we liked a lot of the stuff included in the course we’ve tried.

udemy course

The quality of courses on Udemy can vary significantly; some courses that don’t have a lot of reviews can be a bit hit or miss, while most of the popular courses that have positive reviews will be very good.

Tip: When choosing a course on Udemy for yourself, read the user reviews and see for yourself if the course is really for you.

You can buy each course individually and we like the fact that many of these courses are very in-depth. They can have up to 30 or even 50 hours of materials, even the cheaper courses that you can get for as little as $29.99. For that reason, Udemy represents great value for money.

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Udemy’s Interface

The interface of Udemy is fairly simple. Most of the courses are video-based, so skipping through courses or contents is possible.

You’ll be able to track your progress at all times, as you’ll be able to see how much of the course you’ve completed. It’s simple enough for complete beginners to use, and that’s what matters.

Community Support

The community on Udemy is not as well-defined as it is on Treehouse. Sure, there are instructional communities for teachers, but for learners, there’s not much.

Although some teachers will still opt to help their learners and answer their question, even though it doesn’t happen very often. Most of the answers will be in the FAQ format.

Pros of Udemy

These are the positive things about Udemy.

  • Many coding classes to choose from – compared to Treehouse’s offering of courses, we liked the fact that Udemy has more courses on offer, and the courses are very specific, as well. There are more than 2000 coding courses to choose from alone, never mind the other 100.000 or so courses about other topics, including thousands of fantastic free courses.
  • Good value for money. If you know what you’re going to learn and you’re sure about the specific topic that you’re looking to learn about, then Udemy offers exceptional value for money. For just around $29.99 per course, you could get up to 50 hours of content, which is great for even more advanced topics.
  • You learn as you please. The advantage of Udemy is that once you buy a course, it’s yours for life, including any potential updates that come with it. With Treehouse, on the other hand, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee so there’s a slight pressure to complete the course if you don’t want to extend the membership.
  • Courses are updated regularly. This is another great thing that we like about Udemy’s courses.
  • Support from teachers and community. The sense of community is stronger with Udemy as it is with Treehouse. You will get support from some teachers (not all of them), as they will answer the most common questions, and some might even interact with you as you learn.
  • Anyone can create their own course. Yes, you too!

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Cons of Udemy

There are some things that could be improved with Udemy.

  • Courses can be hit-and-miss. Because anyone can teach on Udemy, there might be some courses that don’t quite reach the standards of other platforms.
  • Most coding classes are video-only. If you are not a fan of video-only content for learning how to code, then there might not be much on offer for you on Udemy, whereas Treehouse has practice sessions that are interactive.
  • Certificates are only given for paid courses.
  • Limited ways to learn offline.

Treehouse: Overview

treehouse overview

Treehouse is a popular e-learning platform especially for those who want to obtain new skills and knowledge in the fields of technology and programming. But how does it stack up against Udemy?

Find out below:

What is Treehouse?

Treehouse is an online learning platform based in Oregon, Portland. Since the inception of the online learning platform, they have strived to create user friendly and beginner friendly content, especially in the fields of programming and tech.

Compared to Udemy, the selection of courses is significantly smaller. However, it’s also arguably better for pure beginners that are just starting out, as it is more interactive thanks to the workshop provided by Treehouse.

You’ll get video classes with the addition of a workspace which you can launch for each lesson, which will give you practical knowledge.

Courses on Treehouse

Treehouse IDE

Treehouse provides you with a structured layout for learning depending on what you want to learn. With “Tracks” and “Techdegrees”, you’ll get a predefined structure for learning about a specific topic of your interest, like for example, front-end web development.

Treehouse courses are designed to be interactive and are a mixture of the following features:

  • Video lessons
  • Workspaces
  • Project files
  • Most common questions and answers
  • Video transcript for each lesson

Once you sign up with Treehouse, you’ll be asked a few questions which will help the platform establish which course is right for you.

treehouse course selection process

This approach is great if you’re not completely sure where to start, and you’ll get recommendations based on your answers as to which course would be best for you.

Of course, you can always take any other course you want later on, as long as you have the monthly subscription for Treehouse. There’s a 7-day free trial which is enough to get a taste of the site, and for the monthly fee of $25, you’ll get access to all of the materials on Treehouse.

The topics taught on Treehouse are heavily tech and programming oriented. There are around 3000 courses altogether on Treehouse, which is far less than Udemy. However, what is there is top-class and taught by professionals in their respective fields.

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Treehouse IDE

Treehouse’s Interface

No matter which topic you choose, you’ll be guided through every step of the way. We liked the fact that you will be provided with guidance wherever you might be, which makes Treehouse the better option if you’re a beginner.

Treehouse also beats Udemy in the practical department. While Udemy’s courses are heavily video based, Treehouse, on the other hand, provides students with a chance of creating their own code from scratch with the built-in IDE which opens in a separate window.

Community Support

Treehouse’s community is excellent.

If you don’t know something and you feel stuck with your learning, you can ask a question on the community forum. While it is true that some forum questions never get answered, there’s a big likelihood that most of the questions that you might ask there will be.

That’s a great addition to the overall experience with Treehouse.

Pros of Treehouse

  • It’s beginner-friendly. You’ll be guided through every step of the way, from choosing your course to going through the course. The interface and the overall feel of the site is far better suited for beginners than Udemy, as are the courses on Treehouse.
  • You’ll practice the practical aspect of coding. Putting in practice is essential, especially at the early stage where you’re still learning the syntax of a programming language, for instance.
  • Quizzes and assessments included. These will help you stay on track and learn even more effectively.
  • Questions and answers. If you feel stuck in any way, shape, or form at Treehouse, you’ll always be able to take a look at the most common questions and answers, which are visible with every lesson.
  • Helpful community forum.

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Cons of Treehouse

  • Not for advanced learners. Most of the courses on Treehouse are aimed at beginners, and there’s not a lot of material for advanced learners.
  • Not as in-depth as some Udemy courses. When you buy a course on Udemy, you can expect up to 50 hours of content per course. With Treehouse, most courses only cover the basics and they last only between 10-20 hours on average.
  • The pricing model is not for everyone. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to catch enough practice in your month, then paying the monthly subscription might not be the best thing in the world. Once you opt out, you lose access to the learning materials.
  • Not as many courses as there are on Udemy.

Who Is Udemy Best For?

Udemy is best for both beginners and advanced learners, because there is such a vast curriculum of courses to choose from. Most courses cover both basic and advanced topics, although they don’t offer the practical aspect that Treehouse does.

Overall, Udemy is the better option if you want to learn more deeply about a specific topic and you want to learn it at your own pace.

Who is Treehouse Best For?

Treehouse is best for beginners looking to start learning about coding, tech, or programming in general.

It will provide you with all the guidance you’ll need to get you started. It’s more user-friendly than Udemy and it also has a practical workshop, which is better for people who don’t know how to set up a coding environment just yet.


How do Udemy and Treehouse compare in terms of pricing?

How Much Does Udemy Cost?

With Udemy, you’ll pay for every course individually; these courses cost anywhere between $29.99 to $199.99 and potentially more.

However, the great thing about Udemy is that the courses are often on sale, meaning they can be bought at especially low prices.

80% discounts are very common and you might buy a course that’s worth $199.99 for only $29.99, or even less at times. There are also many free courses on offer, which are great but usually slightly shorter and not very in-depth.

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How Much Does Treehouse Cost?

On the other hand, Treehouse has a monthly-based pricing model. You’ll get your first 7 days for free; after the free trial, you’ll either have to select the Courses model ($25 a month), or the Courses Plus model ($49 a month).

With Courses Plus, you’ll get additional content and the ability to download the courses and use them offline, which is neat when you’re travelling and you still want to continue learning.

Not sure about Treehouse? Take advantage of its free trial and find out if it’s for you!

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Are Udemy courses worth it?

Udemy courses are worth it if you’re looking for a cheap course that goes very deep on your selected topic. While coding classes don’t have the workshop as you’ll find on Treehouse, the courses are still very detailed and go in-depth with the additional materials inside each course.

Some of the most popular coding courses on Udemy include:

Is Udemy accredited?

Udemy is not accredited, which means that the courses you’ll complete here will not count towards the completion of your degree (if you have any). You will get certificates for paid courses, though

Is Treehouse good for web development?

Yes, Treehouse has some very good courses where you can learn web development. You’ll have both Tracks and Tech Degrees which tend to go into a bit more detail, and you’ll be able to learn about every aspect of web development.

What courses does Treehouse Offer?

Treehouse offers technology and programming courses, including coding skills, IT, web development, app development, machine learning, computer science, 21st century skills, and more.

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