Teachable vs. Kajabi: Which One is Best?

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When looking for a platform to create a course, you have a number of options. Two of these are Teachable and Kajabi. Both platforms are going to make things relatively easy for you to be able to create your course. Kajabi basically wants its users to use the platform for everything!

Whether that is creating the course itself or promoting it through different marketing campaigns. Teachable is a purer course builder. Essentially, it is better suited for people who want to focus on the content they are providing! Which one is better? Let’s take a look.



Again, the main difference between the two, course builders here is that one has to essentially fit a lot of features into its own platform. This is, of course, Kajabi, which offers a wider range of things to handle from the platform. With Teachable, you can access a drag and drop course creator.

That can be easier to master, especially for folks who are creating their first online course. As a whole, Teachable is very user friendly, no matter what you are doing with it.


As we have mentioned, Kajabi wants to be your one-stop-shop for all of the creative efforts of your online course. It also provides you with the opportunity to run your marketing campaigns from there.

kajabi course type

The platform itself is not as intuitive as the drag and drop method that is used by Teachable.

This can make it tougher for people who are looking for simple solutions. Especially if this is your first online course. Essentially, you may end up having a little too much on your plate at one time with Kajabi.

kajabi creator

At the end of the day, it really depends on what your background is in creating this type of content, also, what your goals are for using the platform.

Winner: Teachable



Trying to grade pricing for these platforms can be a little complex. Both of them have three main membership levels at different prices.

If we are just going on price alone per membership level, Teachable is less expensive. It has a basic plan that starts out at $29.99 per month that offers unlimited students.

The main drawback is that in the basic plan you are going to be charged a 5% commission per sale on the platform. In the basic plan, many of the features are a bit limited.

The price though, is just great for people who are looking to get started in this business. You can get a year on the platform for three months of the basic plan on Kajabi. The price difference is just insane.

If you want to know more about the different price tiers, read our article on Teachable prices.


With Kajabi, you are going to have to make a hefty investment even on the basic plan.

That price differential that we were talking about makes a tough sell for people who are looking to get started in this. You are going to be billed more than $1400 dollars for the yearly coverage on the basic plan.

For the same amount of time on the Teachable basic plan, you are going to be charged $360!

Again, it is a tough sell for people who are getting into the business and really want to learn the ropes. There are no commissions even on the basic plan in Kajabi. If you are getting a lot of sales, which is the goal, then the prices can even out.

On the other hand, if you are taking three or four months to learn the ropes before you are converting any sales, it is going to be tough to see the value.

Even on the basic plan, you get virtually unlimited email marketing and landing page creation with this platform. That is another thing that it has going for it!

Winner: Teachable

Best Sales Pages


That easy to use feel that Teachable has certainly, translates to creating a sales page. Therefore, it is not going to be something that will be as difficult, especially, since you are probably going to be creating this page after you have already created the course.


Chances are, you are going to be way more experienced with the platform by this point, which can make for a better experience overall.


The only major issue with creative procedures like the one that Teachable offers is that more often than not, people come out with similar results.

This can make it harder for your particular sales page to stand out. With a more extensive set of options to choose from in this regard, Kajabi may be a better option.

As it can be a bit more probable that you actually end up creating a sales page that will stand out. Therefore, it allows you to convert more sales and get more users engaged. It is not such a simple matter, but we could give this one to Kajabi.

Winner: Kajabi

Final Recount

Teachable: 2/3

Kajabi: 1/3

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of each platform.



  • Creating a course is easy
  • You have a lot of tools to create the course
  • The price is on the low end


  • Promoting your course is mostly done outside the platform




  • It is good for people who are well versed in web design
  • Creative landing pages for sales!


  • Not the easiest platform to pick up
  • The price tag requires quite the commitment

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