Teachable Vs. Clickfunnels: Why You Shouldn’t Use ClickFunnels

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Teachable and Clickfunnels are amazing online platforms for course creation and provision. However, the two differ in various areas, such as pricing, the course creation process, course creation rewards capabilities, and course student support and monitoring allowances.

Below is a comparison of Teachable vs Clickfunnels to help you decide which is best.

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s Our Verdict

Teachable is the clear winner here. I don’t see the benefits of ClickFunnels for online courses.

In fact, id say you should never use ClickFunnels to build an online course.

ClickFunnels has a super-effective marketing system, so you’ve probably heard a lot of positive things about it. However, a lot of this comes from people who have paid thousands of dollars for the program, and now they’re trying to get others to join to collect some affiliate income.

I can’t speak to the effectiveness of ClickFunnels as a marketing tool. However, in regards to course creation, there’s a lot to be desired. If you want to know more about how we came onto that conclusion, read the rest of the article.

Try Teachable


If you can’t afford the platform, then you obviously won’t be using it. Pricing is significant when you want to choose a platform to host your online courses. It is best when the said platform has an even spread that covers various levels of affordability, without having prices that are too crazy.



Choosing to go with Teachable gives you access to three different pricing tiers. The first is the basic plan, which costs $29 monthly. Next, there is the professional plan, which costs $79 monthly. Finally, there is the business plan, which costs $399 monthly. These prices are lowered if you purchase a yearly option (image shows yearly prices).

Each is a step up from the last in terms of capability. You should note, however, that even the basic plan has all the features needed for hosting your courses.

Want to know more about Teachable Pricing: How Much Does Teachable Cost?

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels has two pricing alternatives. The first is the standard plan, which goes for $97 monthly. Second, there is the platinum plan, which goes for $297 monthly. Finally, there is the collective option, which costs $1497 monthly.

Like Teachable, Clickfunnels offers everything you need to set your courses up with any of these plans. The difference tends to lie in the number of sales funnels and landing pages that you are allocated monthly.

Winner: Teachable takes it out here. Clickfunnels is incredibly overpriced.

Course Creation Process

The whole idea behind using any of these two platforms is to create courses for those who wish to learn. Therefore, an important consideration is how intuitive and well designed the course creation process is for each of these platforms.


Teachable Provides the perfect online environment for any courses that you wish to build. In fact, you could describe Teachable as a complete and comprehensive learning system, as opposed to just a page that you can use to host and store your courses. It is essential to point out that the design and the tools available to you make Teachable superior in this regard.

Course Creation Process

Two of these tools that stand out are quiz creation potential and the provision of a forum and blog system. These enhance the traditional course creation system, as they make things more engaging for your students. This kind of functionality is only available with the Teachable platform.

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Clickfunnels is Better For Those With

Though Teachable has a nice design for the creation of online courses, Clickfunnels functions as a more efficient and comprehensive complete system. This is because the Clickfunnels platform allows you to build both digital and physical products. However, this isn’t super handy for course creators.

Clickfunnels functions

Additionally, it extends the functionality of online course creation, and it allows you to create full marketing funnels, which is something that Teachable lacks.

Winner: Teachable is the better course-creating platform. Sure, Clickfunnels lets you create a marketing funnel around your course. But for sheet course quality, Teachable is the easy choice.

Course Completion Reward System

It’s always a badge of pride to successfully complete all the competencies required for an online course when there is a well-designed recognition system to highlight this. Using a platform that provides this kind of experience to your students is an automatic win.

Teachable Has a Great Reward System

Even if you should subscribe to the basic Teachable plan, you are afforded the ability to provide your students with course completion certificates. Not only does this give a sense of satisfaction and enrichment to those who successfully make it to the end of your courses, but it also contributes to the overall feeling of community.

Additionally, Teachable does not force you to stick with the default designs that it provides. Instead, there are customization capabilities that you can use to have a hand in the design of the certificate for any course that you may have on Teachable.

Clickfunnels Doesn’t Have Any

If you opt for using Clickfunnels instead, the aspect of course completion certificates is likely to disappoint you.

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality provided by the platform. Your best bet is to potentially set this process up externally. While that’s not an incredibly difficult thing to do, it’s an extra piece of work and if you have a lot of students, it can become a logisical nightmare.

Winner:Teachable wins this round.

Student Support and Monitoring

As is the case with a physical classroom, you never want to create a situation where your students are not offered any support apart from the preparation of lessons. Therefore, it helps to have functionality that allows you to adequately monitor your students with actionable insights.


Teachable has a fantastic student feedback module. You can use it to create various feedback mechanisms, such as surveys that allow your students to provide useful information on your courses and the overall experience.

This information allows you to work on lacklustre areas, and it also lets you know what you are doing right.

The Teachable experience is conducive to adequate student monitoring, as you can provide support where needed, and you can even ensure that courses are being taken.


Unfortunately, this is another area in which Clickfunnels is lacking. There is no way for you to gather data on how your students feel about the course experience. You also cannot be present in any way to provide the kind of support that you can with Teachable.

Winner: Teachable is the clear winner again.

Final Recount

Teachable: 4/4
Clickfunnels: 0/4

Pros and Cons



  • Superior course hosting capability on platform
  • More comprehensive course building, monitoring, and support, which increases the likelihood of your students’ success
  • Feedback provision system that gives you information directly from those who use your courses, which allows you to learn your strengths and weaknesses


  • No sales funnel capability is present
  • No marketing functionality exists

Clickfunnels Pros and Cons:

Clickfunnels Pros and Cons

With ClickFunnels You Get The Landing Pages, But Nothing Useful For a Course


  • Complete sales funnel platform, which provides you with tools to create your courses, as well as those needed to get them to your customers
    marketing capabilities to help with the promotion of your course material


  • No way for you to get feedback from your students to tell if you need to do anything differently
  • Not made for course creators
  • Lack of rewards certificate program for a course completion
  • Less affordable pricing

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