Teachable Prices: How Much Does Teachable Cost?

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One of the most popular online course creation tools is Teachable. It’s a great tool for beginners and advanced course creators. But, what does Teachable cost?

In this article, we’ll look at the different Teachable pricing options and what you’d get for each price.

What Does Teachable Cost?

Teachable Pricing Cost

Teachable prices have several tiers available to best suit the needs of specific users; as expected, as the solution becomes more advanced, the price increases. The prices range from $39 to a monthly payment of $249 per month. While Teachable offered a free plan in the past, this is no longer available on its platform. However, there is a free trial creator that allows you to have a class with only 10 students.

Despite the fact that they do not have this free plan, they are still quite competitive in races of other platforms such as Kajabi vs. Teachable as they offer unlimited users and a litany of other features that justify their pricing.

Teachable Basic Package

Their basic package is technically $29 per month, but with Teachable’s transaction fees, the content creator ends up technically paying $39 monthly.

This basic package contains many key features, such as custom domains, and the user gets the ability to integrate existing online courses into the software with a simple drag and drop.

Teachable Professional Package

The next level to get is the professional package, which is listed as $99 per month but winds up costing $119 monthly after transaction fees for the course creation. This pricing plan has graded quizzes, further customizations, and allows users to get certificates as well.

This is a great option for content creators looking for a step up from the simplicity of the basic package or another free plan being offered by a competitor.

Teachable Business Package

The final Teachable package you may get is the business package, which is listed at $249 per month. After all taxes and fees are accounted for, the online course platform costs $299 per month.

The business version of Teachable allows for advanced administration, more user roles, and further customization for student enrolment. This is ideal for those in a larger system that have a large catalog of online courses; the flexibility makes it easy to track instructors and keep classes organized.

Want to Know More About Teachable?

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