Steph Curry MasterClass Review

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Do you want to teach your little ones with the necessary skills of basketball the best way possible, or if you a more seasoned player but one to enhance more your shooting skills, then Steph’s Curry MasterClass may be the best solution

What is a MasterClass, and What Does It Cost?

MasterClass is considered an exceptional platform to learn new things or enhance your skills in a specific subject. MasterClass set apart from other courses out there because it utilizes some of the renowned individuals in their field to teach the classes. Some of the most renowned masterclasses out there include:

What to Expect from MasterClass

When you join this MasterClass, you will get these following:

A 2 to 5 hours lesson that you can watch during your free time PDF lesson plan filled with fantastic resources and activities. You will have access to a discussion board with other members/students and the teachers.

Regarding pricing, you have two options available. You can opt to an all-access plan or purchase access to one lesson. An individual lesson will cost you $90, while the all-access pass will cost you $180 or $15 per year, and it will provide you access to all lessons.

$90 is a bit expensive for a single course, even if that depends on what gets out of it. Just in case you want multiple sessions, then the all-access pass is a perfect choice.

Who is Steph Curry?

Steph Curry is a renowned American professional basketball player playing for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA or National Basketball Association. He was born on the 14th of March 1988.

He is a six-time National Basketball Association All-Star and received the Most Valuable Player award twice and won three championships. A lot of analysts and players called Steph “ The Greatest Shooter” in the history of the NBA.

Curry is credited with taking the game to a higher level by inspiring the team to use the three-point shot on a regular basis.

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My Review of Steph Curry’s MasterClass

Steph Curry’s MasterClass is composed of seventeen video lessons with ten to twenty minutes long. Each lesson teaches you how to dribble, shoot as well as score basketball like an MVP.

When you join this course, you will have access to an easily downloaded class workbook with more than 54 pages of activities and notes. You can read along with the video, or you can revisit during your free time.

You will also have access to a friendly community of learners. They can help you if you have questions about Basketball.

One thing I really loved is that they give you a shot-tracker spreadsheet you can use to monitor your progression throughout the course (and your practice). 

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What I Like About Steph Curry’s MasterClass

There is a lot to like about most MasterClass. However, here are some of my

This class fits so well into the MasterClass format. There are a lot of classes that are awesome, but they kinda feel more like an expert talking about their craft than a course. Don’t get me wrong, the courses are good, but they won’t take you from a specific A to B.

Curry’s on the other hand fits incredibly well. Probably because it’s a tangible skill (shooting a basketball) that’s easy to measure success-wise (how many times it goes into the hoop).

Curry is a good teacher too. He has been one of the faces of the NBA for a while now. Partially because he’s more relatable as he’s considered a shorter player at 6’3″ (I wish I was that “short”). Anyway, he sells a bucket load of shoes and is a natural in front of the media. This comfort level makes him a great presenter and a clear communicator as a teacher.

Curry also gives a bunch of great shooting drills that you can do at home to improve your handling and shooting.

I also loved the lessons that show Steph watching game film and analyzing his game. It’s a bit of a peek behind the scenes as you see what Curry teaches being used in real games. This, for me, is what sets this class apart from watching some free YouTube videos on how to shoot a jump shot. 

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What Could Be Improved?

No course is absolutely perfect. There are a few small things that could be improved with Steph Curry’s MasterClass.

For starters, there’s no effort given about the defensive side of the ball – this is purely a shooting and ball-handling course. Although, it could be said that only focusing on shooting and not defense, mimics Curry’s game quite well*.

*For the record, yes I know Curry is a somewhat underrated team defender and he is way better than he was.

Anyway, the fact that it’s a shooting only drill has been a bit of a letdown for some. However, the title of the course is literally “Shooting and Ball Handling”, so I personally don’t see why you’d be let down by that – but that’s just my opinion.

Although, having Draymond Green or Klay Thompson coming in an giving a lesson of playing D would have been a nice touch.

As shooting alone in a gym can include a lot of on-the-fly assessment of your game (like noticing you’re missing to the left a lot), it would be cool to see ways to record your own shooting form and assess it that way.

All in all, though, these are pretty small nits. This class is awesome.

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Steph Curry MasterClass Verdict

Steph Curry’s MasterClass is worth your time if you’re a basketball fan. However, if you’re purely a hardcore basketball fan and don’t want to take any of the other classes, you’ll probably want to buy the course individually for $90. This makes it a bit expensive, but depending on your budget, a great resource.

However, if you’re also interested in tennis, writing, poker, or any of the other skills that MasterClass covers, I’d strongly suggest getting the all-access pass for $180. I feel a lot better about that price point compared to the $90 for a single course.

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