Can You Blog on Teachable?

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Some people want to take their Teachable experience to the next level. Some use the site to market their courses through blogging. Therefore, you may ask yourself, can you blog on Teachable?

Can You Blog on Teachable?

The short answer is: Yes, you can! You can use Teachable’s platform as a way to start and get your content known on the platform. After you build your audience, you can repurpose the content and structure it into an online course. This way, you start making money from your courses in a faster way.

What Are the Benefits of Blogging on Teachable?

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to sell online courses via Teachable but doesn’t have an audience, then you can start by blogging to build your audience. Blogging provides you a more secure way of getting people to buy and notice your courses.


You can use the blog feature on Teachable to pre-sell your content. This means that you can create engaging posts that pick up the viewers’ attention. When you provide quality content and have an audience, you can use that content from your blogs and upgrade them to, later on, offer them as a course on Teachable.

If you blog on Teachable, you can redirect your viewers to your course in an easier way. You just have to include a link for your course page in your blog posts. Likewise, you can directly offer your course inside the posts.

If you own a school site, using the blog feature enables your students to know more about your school. They can learn about the courses that it provides and many more benefits that help the branding and marketing of your school.

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How Do You Promote a Teachable Course?

There are many ways to promote your online courses. If you’re already making content for a blog, social media, or other types of media, you have more advantages for getting your courses known.

If you’re planning to create a course on Teachable, and you don’t have an audience yet, you can start by uploading valuable content on your social platforms such as your personal blog. When you have a considerable amount of content, you can then collect it and repurpose it for a completely online course.

Establishing an audience beforehand is important because it can enable you to sell your courses more quickly. If you want to promote it in your blog, you can make a post with general information about the course to get the potential buyer’s attention. Then you can provide a call-to-action if they’re interested.

Using media is essential to keep the reader’s attention. Therefore, be sure that you include pictures and videos in your posts, so you create more engaging content. Then, you can get more people to buy your online course.

If you own a school site, then you can use blog posts on Teachable to get your students interested in the courses that the school offers. They can also be used to provide more information about the content and the platform for students who don’t understand how to use the software quite well.

Blogging on Teachable can be the fastest way to get your audience interested. Moreover, if you’re already publishing information on the site, then you can easily redirect them to the online course at Teachable. This action tends to be more comfortable for everyone.

Can You Personalize Your Blog On Teachable?

Teachable’s built-in blog feature makes accessing your content more accessible. In the case of a school site, students can access the blog by clicking the ‘Blog’ tab in the school’s navigation bar. This makes access to the school site’s features a lot easier and more intuitive.

Your blog on Teachable also provides a ‘Settings’ tab for your post in which you can address some general options for your blog. These options include things such as who can access your blog and how to enable it to the public.

To create a blog post on Teachable, you have to click on the ‘Blog’ tab on your school’s navigation bar, and click on ‘New Post’. From there, you can write your content however you like, choose if you want to allow comments, and other features.


If you want to change a blog post that you already made, you can choose to edit it by clicking the edit icon on your blog feed. When you’re done, you can click on ‘View Blog’ to see your results right away.

Should You Create an Online Course?

If you are a blogger who wants to sell content via online courses, then you can go for it! Some bloggers may think that creating an online course is too hard, but it’s actually straightforward nowadays, you just need your content and a platform to upload it.

Having the right amount of content already prepared is vital if you want to engage your reader’s attention. If you have written a lot about a specific topic or theme, then you can compile all of that content into a single page. Next, you can reorganize it into a course module, and then use a platform such as Teachable to upload it!

If you own a school site, then creating an online course is an excellent way to keep your students learning. They can learn more from your blog posts in a more intuitive way. Teachable offers a unified platform in which students can access both the blog and the courses easily.

Using your blog to promote your online courses is one of the most effective ways to get your content known to people. You can use that tool to prepare a useful and valuable course and sell it!

Final Thoughts

Some people ask themselves, ‘can you blog on Teachable?’ This is because they want an accessible way to market their content. Likewise, while you can blog on the site easily, there are a lot of tools at your disposal that can help you get the best of those blog posts.

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